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Lino Printing Techniques, Process and Supplies

Learn the Art of Linoleum Block Printmaking

I offer two great options for those wanting to learn the art of linocut. The first class, How to Linocut, will give you a comprehensive introduction to relief printing with linoleum. The second course, How to Make a Reduction Print, covers this intermediate block printing technique using linoleum - it's one of my favorite printmaking methods!

All the information you'll need to make a lino print is in these courses. You'll have class videos, which will save you time from sorting through Google search results, Instagram posts and YouTube videos. Plus, take advantage of the fact that I'm available via email to answer any questions you might have, one-on-one.

Enjoy a discounted price when you enroll in the Course Bundle with both linocut courses!

By the end of these courses, through practice, you'll be on your way to making your own linocut prints.

Let's get started!


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Student Testimonials

"I really enjoyed this course. The presentation was clear, concise and well thought out. Thank you so much!"

- Kathryn, How to Make a Reduction Print Student (2018)

"I found this class very clear, detailed, and helpful. The teacher has an easy presence and a way of communicating that is very enjoyable to watch and is easy to understand. The videos make it easy to follow along and are perfect for making an online class feel as if you are taking the class in person. I highly recommend the class and look forward to taking more classes from Rich!"

- Ellen, How to Linocut Student (2018)